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11 Soccer Positions Explained (Roles and Responsibilities)

One of the most challenging soccer positions in the modern game, the fullbacks on either side of the centrebacks have a number of defensive and attacking responsibilities. Their role is increasingly important to the success of the team and it’s no longer enough for them to just defend.

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Responsibilities . Score goals; Maintain possession in the opponent’s area; Usually take kickoffs and corner kicks; Stay in front of midfielders and in an offensive position; Avoid being offside; Establishing set positions within a team should not be the sole focus at the youth level.

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Strong at defending 1 vs. 1. Speedy player able to cover ground on the flanks. Solid technical passing abilities. 4&5. Center Backs (Left & Right) Consistent players who are organizers and leaders. Tall and Strong. Ability to cover ground – especially laterally and vertically.

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There is only one Goalie, and it is the loneliest position in soccer. The goal of the goalie is to prevent the other team from scoring. Most of the game, the goalie stands by the net within the penalty area, watching, but at any moment might be called into action. When those moments arise, the goalie cannot hesitate.

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During the game, they often cover the halfway point between their own goal line and the midfield line. They can also cover between the midfield line and their opponent's goal line. Midfielders will sometimes take penalty kicks, throw-ins, kick-offs, and corner kicks. It depends on who is the strongest at these.

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Soccer Position Numbers [source for the above infomation] Soccer Position Roles and Their Importance. As with many sports, specific positions are assigned in soccer to make sure that each team can protect the soccer ball and defend their goal to the best of their ability. The positions assigned in soccer are split into 3 main groups: Defenders ; Midfielders

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Midfielder positions run the most during a typical soccer game. The midfielders are ...

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Midfielders’ Position, Role and Responsibilities. In the modern game, midfielders are populated by specialist-type players, with either attacking or defensive characteristics. The classic 4-4-2 formation usually held a midfield pairing of two ‘all-round’ players. Although, there are a few variations of this role: